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Most companies nowadays employ an IT professional to build systems for their work. This is when the versatility of an IT person comes to play in the analysis of networking system that 'll fit the activities of particular business needs. Compared to learning how to use a computer, an IT expert must acquire the know-how of various computer hardware, how to upgrade an older generation computer to one of latest version, be abreast with latest developments of computer brands and also understand the workings of system networking. Also an IT expert must also know a lot about latest mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has there is a drift towards this devices in terms of business reach and performance. An IT person must also know the workings of all types of software so as to be proficient in tackling malware invasion on a company's system or network. This is so because computer malware comes in different levels, such as Trojan, spyware or a virus and forehand knowledge of all these 'll afford an expert the ability to identify specifically what is the problem and deal with that effectively. With all these said it is obvious that information technocrats will be in high demand in the coming years, so if you are in the process of choosing a career path, it ll do a lot of good to consider this field.

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Another vibrant unit an IT expert should explore is the web development and maintenance aspect of information technology. This is crucial to an experts success as a professional because all businesses and organisations are moving their products and services to the website to further expand their business reach.

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Technology has been advancing at a fast rate right from the beginning of human existence. As time passes people always created items that brought convenience to their daily tasks and living such as knives, spears to aid capturing of animals for food to the time when the first Printing press was established  as well as the first computer. With the constant influx of technological discoveries, placing a hold on what life was like in early years becomes a cumbersome task. Let’s always remember the brave and creative people that put in the work, when we use all this luxury items made available to us because of advancing technology.

A good illustration is that of the first woman, it was quite chunky, but people were glad to have it back then has it afforded them the opportunity of moving around with their music and audio books. But in time they made smaller sizes, though might be expensive but people offered its portability. Not long after this, came  compact disc which created afforded people the luxury of picking which tracks they wanted to listen to, this also gave way to mp3 player which came with a lot of space for storing many albums and not surprisingly, walkman and compact disc ran out of vogue. This is the trend in which technology has taken, moving at a fast pace.

We watch movies, track celebrities online, look up people’s information and life on web, download and upload photo and videos and do many other activities with the aid of our mobile devices and applications as well as a working internet connection. This speedy growth recorded in technological advancement is owed largely to the relentless efforts of scientist and inventors who are committed to continuously improve living conditions of people. Scientist like Paul Eisler back in 1936 created the first pro yes circuit board, which increased the functionality of portable devices and till date scientist still work round the clock to improve  and re-invent the technology.

The exceptional speed at which technology is advancing can be related to the competitive nature of IT firms/companies. They keep coming up with news innovations to render their competitors inventions obsolete. Technological advancement could be negative or positive depending on how it is deployed. Finally, the benefits that comes along with technological innovations are such that explaining to an Adam (first man)will be a laudable dear to achieve. Even Marconi was almost incapacitated in a mental facility when he invented radio, thankfully he was not and that is why we can boost of radio being a technology.

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Now we live in a world where everything seem so easy and readily available at the tap or click of a button.


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