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3D technology is premised on a simple logic, which is that the human brain produce 3D impression by way of the 2 eyes being a little distance away from each other, this little distance helps them see an image in different perspective and then fuse the images together to a single image with depth. This can be equated to using a headphone, you will realise that different sounds comes from each plug, which you in turn make a holistic sound out of . 3D technology can impact positively on many profession including health the sector, taking a good reference from a 3D scan and a 2 dimensional x-ray. These two cannot be compared as 3d 'll give a clear cut representation and an all angles picture of what is wrong with the patient. This allows the doctor to make accurate judgement of tumours and all kinds of wound while in surgery and for prescribing drugs for patient thereby improving standard health practices. 3D technology can also be applied in areas of specialization such as physics, science and engineering. Doctors that care for animal can make use of this technology in discovering ailments that plagues wild animals as well as friendly ones without cutting their inside open. Physicist on their on part 'll be able to use it (3D) to analyse difficult processes, while engineers will be able to build and design their projects effectively. Nanotechnology can also benefit a great deal from this 3D technology has samples can be viewed before the actual development takes place. This is not to say creating television programs in 3D is a piece of cake, but nevertheless, movie producers and directors alike are creating 3D movies.

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Without a doubt video gaming is one major genre of entertainment to benefit from 3D TV because video games are produced originally in 3D format and then converted to two dimensional, but now it ll take little or no effort to get this games to work perfectly on 3D TVs or computer screen. Another landmark achievement in the 3D technology is the software developer for the conversion of 2D videos into 3D impression, though it doesn't render the images realistically it has room for improvement and can run on any available hardware smoothly. If you are not convinced about the 3D technology, put two slightly different before your eyes and see how your brain will convert it to a 3D impression.

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